French Fries Cutters

We decided to put together a quick blog post to share with our audience some of our experiences we had with different french fries cutters. What led us to actually try the different french fry makers was our desire to have truly home made fries made fresh from local potatoes. We we're tired of the frozen junk, and wanted something fresh and crispy. After hearing raving reviews from our friends and family members, we decided it would be a good idea to put up a quick post, so here you go

There are several different types of french fries cutters on the market, they seem to range anywhere from $14.99 to $249.99, and can be found at any local Wal-Mart. Now, let me start off by saying that we did not try every cutter out there, but we did try a few. We made sure that of the few we tried, there was at least one from every price point. With that said, here is what we found to be true; hope this helps.

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$15 $50 French Fries Cutters

These basic machines are fairly inexpensive, and require the user to put their potato on a block and manually push it through the cutting system. The cutting system typically consists of metal blades placed together in the form of a checker pattern. They all seemed to do a really nice job and the only thing that seemed to set one model apart from another in this price point was brand name and quality of materials. You will see that some have thicker plastic and some have metal handles. The blades are all just about the same, so I would suggest finding one that feels nice in your hand.

$50 $150 French Fries Cutters

The french fry cutters that fall into this price point do the same thing that the less expensive models do, however they are much more sturdy. What we found to be true with these models is that they are a little easier to operate due to the fact that they are all solid metal, have heavier parts, the springs tend to be stronger, and you get some customization with the blades. For instance, you can cut small fries like the ones found at many popular fast food chains as well as larger steak fries just by simply changing the blade plate. Personally, I would say it's a matter of budget and preference. If you are serious about this new hobby, take the leap and purchase one of these more expensive models as I'm sure it will pay off in the long run.

$150 and up French Fries Cutters

Simply stated, these models are commercial models and not ideal for the home use. They tend to come with options that allow you to mount the machine to a wall or base which allows for mass production. Since this site is designed for the home user and/or hobbyist, I would advise you to stay away from this model and save your money.

What Did We Decide Was the Best?

In our opinion, the model that we tested and now usepermanently is the $20.00 model. It did exactly what we needed it to do, and we use it at least three times a week. My only suggestion would be to make sure the model you select looks sturdy as there are some fairly cheap models out there that have been known to break down very easily.

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