A great snack and appetizer!

Vine and Brown DUKKAS (pronounced DOO-kuhs) are savory blends of crushed nuts and spices with endless culinary possibilities. To enjoy as an appetizer or snack, dip a piece of fresh bread (ciabatta, pita) into a bit of light olive oil and then dunk into a dukka. Or sprinkle on vegetables, dips, grilled or poached fruit, hummus or guac. The crunch and burst of flavor is light, surprising, and delightful! Great for entertaining, snacking, and gifting.

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We make our Vine and Brown Dukkas in small batches, dry toasting each ingredient and then grinding to the perfect size. The spice and herb combinations are a tad exotic but not enough to overwhelm those with less adventurous tastebuds. Try them at your next dinner party, or any time you want a healthy alternative snack.

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