Some positive encouragement!

Today is Friday. It's my designated day to post on the Ms J blog even though I haven't in several weeks. My apologies.

How is your Friday going? I hope it's great. In fact, I hope it's fantastic. I hope that you are having the kind of day keeps a smile on your face. Whether it's from getting the things done that you needed to get done, or just knowing you have the next two days off of work, or because someone told you a great joke that has sat with you all day.

You know why I'm hoping that you're smiling?

Because you have a great smile.

It's the kind of smile that brings back some of my best memories. The kind of smile that makes me smile. And smiling feels like a hug from far away.

I loved your hugs.

The smell, the feel, the safety.

Best hug ever.

Maybe you didn't know this. Probably because I was lousy at telling you. But you saved my life once.

I didn't realize it until later, but you did.

You saved it with a smile.

So I hope you're smiling today. I hope you smile everyday. You may not know the power of your smile.

But the people receiving it sure do.

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