Holiday Season


In the midst of working on my drawings and paintings, I've also been taking extra time to enjoy a Holiday Season full of activity and timeless memories spent with my family. This included a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with a house packed full of guests, a number of fun creative seasonal events and activities spent with my kids, and some new family adventures full of inspirations for my future artwork and illustrations.

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This most wonderful time of the year also brings the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Tis the season for shopping, gift giving, & sending out warm wishes; and for those reasons, I'm often making extra trips to the post office to fulfill new orders of my Art Prints and Christmas Cards. The most rewarding part about this process is when I hear back from a pleased customer:


We received the print today. It is just stunning! So vivid! It is taking a great deal of self-control to not have Christmas early! Thanks for the quality of your work. It is obvious that your hand paints with great love for the art. I know it will be an inspiration to my own aspiring artist. Tomorrow I'll be looking for a frame.



Sending out a special THANK YOU to Lisa for her compliments and kind words; I love to hear that my artwork brings joy and inspiration to the lives of others, especially to future artists!

Though I've been painting and drawing for most of my life, I first started painting pirate art, nautical art, and seaside art, a little over 5 years ago. But just this past year, I finished what I would consider to be the pinnacle of my career, thus far. This painting, titled, "Pirates Holly Jolly Roger Christmas" was an enormous painting (by my standards) measuring 24 x 32, all of which was relentlessly detailed with miniscule brushes in acrylic paint on masonite.

With the entire Christmas themed piratical painting taking nearly a full year to complete, every square inch of this artwork was fine tuned for close up viewing, and laid out with bold complimentary color schemes that bring the painting together as a whole.

To make a unique pirate painting, with a whimsical feel, I incorporated modern Christmas themed decorations with authentic props used during the Golden Age of Piracyincluding 17th century pirate/sailor clothing ("slops", waistcoats, breeches, stockings, sashes, cravats, &a tricorn hat), gold dubloons,a tankard, and a jolly roger flag.

To instill the wishful child-like enchanting excitement one feels when imagining pirates, or reminiscing about Christmas,I decided to make the characters of this painting children themselves.In this pirate painting, the pirate gingerbread man, offering a tankard of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), invites the viewer to enjoy the fun of both pirates and Christmas in this magical world.

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