Planning a Family Vacation

When you are planning a family vacation that includes kids, you are going to want to pick a hotel that can accommodate all of your needs and is family-friendly, to say the least. There are several ways to ensure that you choose the right hotel for your family, like reading travel forums for others' opinions, but that is just the start. You should do a good amount of research and plan ahead. Here are a few simple tips that you should use in order to find the best hotel for the family.

1. Check the Hotel Reviews Make sure that you read as many reviews as possible of the hotels where you are headed, and focus on family-friendly things. It is always best to do your homework and get the lowdown on what types of accommodations and amenities that the hotel offers for families, from child discounts to wading pools. The more you know beforehand, the better off you will be. Some hotel Web sites offer you a virtual tour of the hotel and all of the rooms that are available. You will be able to view the size of the rooms, the features of the hotel and, of course, what the rates are.

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2. Choose Where You Want to Do What Choosing the right location is also a key element to a family-friendly hotel. Just because you are staying in a hotel and want some family-friendly accommodations does not mean it has to be the center of your vacation. It is a place to sleep and rejuvenate and does not have to be a place for fun and activities. Many hotels do offer swimming pools, spas, saunas, volleyball, tennis courts and other activities, but if you are looking for a fun-filled day of play you will need to choose a hotel close to fun things for the family to do. Usually when you are staying at a hotel you are there for a vacation, so you will most likely want to be near all of the attractions of the area.

3. Consider a Bed & Breakfast or Inn Sometimes families with smaller children will find a bed and breakfast or old-style inn more to their liking and convenience than a typical chain hotel. These places can be better because they offer more of a home setting than a hotel environment, which is as family-friendly as it gets. In many cases these places are older Victorian homes that have been converted into bed and breakfast lodges or inns. They can also be less intimidating than a huge hotel for smaller children, considering that hotels are usually several floors high and have many rooms. This can make children feel a bit uncomfortable especially if they have never been to one before. A bed and breakfast can feel a lot more like home as they are a lot smaller and a lot cozier.

4. Do Not Forget Safety and Security Measures You will want to choose a hotel that is serious about safety measures for smaller children, especially babies if you have one. You should choose a hotel that offers as many of the following as possible:

- Adjoining rooms

- Crib or rollaway bed (there may be extra charges)

- A suite or a separate sitting area, possibly even a kitchenette

- Refrigerator or a mini bar with room for your own snacks

- Room service

- Baby-proofing kits (for doors, wall outlets, etc.) or baby-proof rooms

- A kid-friendly restaurant or coffee shop

- Organized kids' activities

- Baby-sitting

- Access to a laundry room

5. Choose a Hotel Close to a Hospital Make sure that you choose a hotel that is close to a hospital or urgent care facility in case of an emergency. Some hotels have a pharmacy or drug store where parents can purchase medicines, baby products and other necessities. You want to make sure that you do not choose a hotel that is too far from medical help. Check around the area and make sure that these types of facilities are within a reasonable driving distance from the hotel.

Picking a great family-friendly hotel for you and your family means covering all the bases, from health to entertainment. Choosing a family-friendly hotel can be challenging sometimes but as long as you plan ahead and do your homework, it should be a fun and enjoyable start to a fun, enjoyable, safe and sane stay!

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