Porter vs. Porter

Just before Thanksgiving Mike fired up the Seven Bridges brew rig and started in on the spiced porter. Now, it's not like Mike is a stranger to porter. Earlier this year he prepared a porter for the National Homebrew Competition and, as coincidence would have it, Robust Porter just happens to be the December kit of the month at Seven Bridges. One way or another there was going to be porter at Seven Bridges.

Fast forward to mid-December and a trip to the brew shop to see how the porter was progressing. A short taste test later and the answer was easy: very well, thank you.

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Taking off from the Robust Porter recipe, Mike upped the grain bill to produce a higher alcohol-content beer, and he tweaked the spice portion, adding licorice root to the boil and cocoa nibs at flameout.

Its an imperial version of my Robust Porter, he said.

We sampled the spiced porter, which was still in the primary fermenter, and sampled the finished Robust Porter. The Robust was a tasty porter; the spiced was indeed imperial. The extra gain added an unmistakable alcohol warmth to the beer, and the licorice and cocoa accentuated the richness of the porter taste. And the best part: it wasnt even close to finished.

That afternoon Mike would soak the oak chips in bourbon in preparation of transferring the beer to the secondary where he would add the vanilla bean and oak chips.

Now we're in the middle of the hardest part waiting. Mike figured the beer would be ready for prime time right around Christmas, which seemed like excellent timing. Cant help but think there will be a bottle or two of a special porter under the tree.

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