Time to get cozy!

This is the time of year when I switch out my nice cool cotton sheets to my cozy warm flannel sheets and my Summer comforter for a warm and cozy down comforter. Ahh..

I enjoy the fact that the nights are cooler because it's certainly better for sleeping. And it's still warm enough during the day to enjoy being outside. I mean this is the perfect time of year to go apple picking, taking long walks, checking out the foliage. It's fun watching the leaves change color from green to orange to yellow to red. Crisper air feels cleaner somehow. It's more enjoyable to have the oven on so you can bake yummy things like apple pies, snickerdoodle muffins, and pumpkin cookies.

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There's something so comforting about slipping between flannel sheets and snuggling under a down comforter. Of course that makes it a lot harder to get out of bed in the morning. Lol. And now that the sticky hot days of summer are past, this is perfect snuggling weather.

It's time to put away the bathing suits and the shorts and sleeveless tank tops. It's time to get out those warm fleece pants and pullover sweatshirts and fuzzy warm socks. It's time to curl up on the couch under a nice soft blanket watching the Patriots play football. It's time for hot apple cider and warm chocolate chip cookies and homework. It's time for warm brownies and a glass of milk. It's that in between time of running your air conditioner and turning on the heat.

It's time for fire pits and tailgate parties and lots of hot chocolate (with plenty of marshmallows!). It's time for love and laughter and holding hands. Fall is just a magical, wonderful time of year!

I'm looking forward to tonight when I can crawl between my flannel sheets and cozy up under my down comforter as the temperature drops down into the forties.brrr.

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