My name is Amy , and I love to cook.

Perhaps I should take a step back. My name is Amy , and I love to eat. Tasty food, delicious food, fantastic food, made with fresh ingredients whose luscious flavors make me close my eyes and smile in contented delight. Cooking such food is by far the easiest way to acquire it, so I have spent many years cooking thousands of recipes and concocting quite a few of my own, to find the very best of them all. But it has always seemed inefficient, to spend so much time cooking for just myself and my consort Paulo, without sharing my wonderful discoveries with others. So I decided, as have many cooks before me, to create a website through which to share my happy food explorations with others.

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I have no strict cooking philosophy, beyond the use of whole, heathful ingredients, though I do have a few general tendencies. Though not a strict vegetarian by any means, I tend to gravitate towards vegetarian and vegan recipes, the more so with every passing year. But not long-stereotypical and tired vegetarian recipes, which meat-eaters regard with suspicion. No, I know that I have been successful when I prepare a dish that even Paulo, a devout carnivore, devours with gusto, never missing the meat, or really noticing it's absence. I also cook with whole grains and legumes as much as possible. Because they are nutritious, is what I claim, but really because they are satisfyingly delicious, both in their own right, and as a backdrop for other flavors. I avoid complicated recipes,refusing to believe that a tedious process necessarily produces better food than the quick and easy. Few people, including myself, have excess time for long and involved preparations. And finally, I find that, once having been a poor student for quite a few years, I now automatically tend to use ingredients that are inexpensive, proving in effect that the most amazing food can be prepared for very little money.

Those are my general tendencies, though as you peruse the site you will find exceptions. Because exceptions, after all, are a necessity of life. Bacon, cream, and butter all find their way into my recipes on occasion, as do white jasmine rice, brown sugar, and a naughtily priced bit of cheese or seafood. I hope that you enjoy my recipes as much as I do.

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