Save Money With Home Brewing

In these tough economic times, many of us have no choice but to cut back on luxuries and unfortunately, a cold case of brew on the weekend often falls into that category. In order to save money, many beer drinkers are starting to purchase brew kits and turn their attention to home brewing as a new hobby. This way, they are saving money and don't have to give up sharing a few cold ones with friends on a Friday night after a hard week at work.

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Brewing your own beer at home saves you money, and it's not that hard if you buy a brew kit. Typically, you'll save approximately 50% of what you'd spend on beer at the liquor store, and your initial cost of supplies is usually paid for within your first 2-3 batches! So, using basic math, it's a no-brainer to brew your own beer if you're trying to cut down on how much money is being spent on alcohol.

Once you buy the brew kit, the only recurring expense will be ingredients to make additional batches of brew. The ingredients will vary if you choose to make different recipes often, but if you plan on brewing your own beer long term, then you can buy ingredients in bulk at a discount and save even more money.

Aside from inredients, you'll also need bottles and caps on a regular basis as well. Bottles are available to purchase, but some people get empties from friends or the local bottle depot. You'll have to clean and sterilize them well, but a bottle brush and a good sterilizing agent is all you need.

Ultimately, the more beer you brew at home, the more money you will save, and that's definitely a good thing to drink to. Enjoy!

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